A small sample of travel/food related copywriting …  (contact me  if you’d like

to know more )

Destination Melbourne’s marketing strategy includes a suite of up-market

brochures they produce with Tourism Vic for national and international clients.

I wrote the copy for this 64 pp booklet, which had some amazing photos.

Destination Melbourne-Vic Tourism brochure - Contents page

Sample - Destination Melbouren brochure -1                        Sample - Destination Melbourne brochure

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(and thanks to Destination Melbourne for the files. Check out their site

– they do a great job – )


Sample of copy written for Hardie Grant Media’s What’s on in Melbourne,

a tiny but information-packed tourist brochure.

What's on in Melbourne

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A page from one of the little Dining pocket books put out by Destination Melbourne

Dining - Destinatin Melbourne

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